Thursday, March 29, 2018

Catriona Gray: Miss World's Loss is Miss Universe's Gain

Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Catriona Gray wearing the iconic three-stars-and-a-sun ear cuff by Tessera Jewelry and Mak Tumang gown during the Binibining Pilipinas 2018
grand coronation night.  Photo credit to the owner.

And if indeed, Cat will win in Miss Universe, the less popular Miss World will be pushed further down the bin. Or do people still even care about Miss World at all? 

Catriona Gray crowned as Miss Universe Philippines 2018
Photo credit to the owner. 
Catriona Gray's triumph at the recently-concluded Binibining Pilipinas 2018 has elated an innumerable throng of Filipino pageant aficionados here and abroad especially those who have supported the statuesque model-turned-beauty queen the moment she dipped her toes in the pageantry pool. Cat as she's fondly called by her fans made history as the very first Filipina since the pageants' inception to have won the two elusive national titles in the country- Miss World and Miss Universe Philippines. 

Cat's victory in winning the top plum in Binibining Pilipinas is a dream come true to all her avid fans and supporters who wished and dreamed for Cat to represent the Philippines in the most celebrated beauty derby in the Universe after a dismal result in Miss World 2016. 

With Cat's win as Miss Universe Philippines 2018 the fans felt partially vindicated. With the kind of caliber that she has possessed, Cat will do extremely well in Miss Universe where we can expect a more reasonable and credible assessment of the contenders. 

I can just imagine now how exciting the Miss Universe 2018 edition will be. Perhaps, Cat's loss in Miss World was a blessing in disguise for her. The 'world' seems small for a beauty contender like her. Let's admit it. Miss World isn't that prestigious anymore especially with the manner on how the pageant is conducted. It's glitz and glamour has gone. Yes, there was 'noise' when Megan Young won but its relevance and prestige have slowly faded into oblivion especially after its 2016 edition. You couldn't see any real competition in the coronation night. The basis of selecting the finalists are just too vague which leaves the fans frustrated and bored. The national directors sitting in the judging panel are also distasteful and very unethical to say the least. A lot of pageant fans have lost interest for Miss Word, they have once revered and adored.

So it is a good thing that Cat has veered away from Julia Morley's pageant and has successfully clinched the rights to banner the sash of the Philippines in Miss Universe. She deserves nothing but the whole Universe where she can have the opportunity to shine even much brighter and can have the best possible platform for her humanitarian projects. I am certain that come Miss Universe season, Cat will fight not only for her dreams and for her country but also for her adoring fans and advocacy dearest to her heart. She will definitely make us proud once more. 

With a massive following and 'hyperactive' fans, Miss Universe 2018 will be the most talked about pageant edition  ever! Can't wait!

Photo credit to the owner. 

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