Sunday, March 4, 2018

Binibining Pilipinas 2018: My Ultimate Choice for the Crown

Binibining Pilipinas 2018 favorites. 

The most prestigious beauty derby in the country is kicking off with its coronation finale slated on March 18 at the Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines. Forty gorgeous and accomplished Filipinas are vying for the six titles of Binibining Pilipinas 2018 (but let's be honest here, it is only the UNIVERSE that the ladies are highly interested with). But nonetheless, there can only be one who will wear the Miss Philippines Universe 2018 crown, and the other five crowns are still worth to be won for and conquer just in case, the coveted Universe crown will slip from their grasps. Anyhow, the INTERNATIONAL title is another major pageant aside from the Universe which gives prestige to the Filipina who will be victorious in it, so winning the said title is still a sought-after affair for the 40 Binibinis. 

So in this connection, I will be highlighting only the two major beauty pageant titles - Miss Universe and Miss International where two of our beautiful Binibinis will be lucky enough to experience the glamour, adoration, and the excitement of representing the Philippines in two of the Big Four elite pageants. 

Rounding up my Top 15 for the coveted titles are as follows (in no particular order):  

My Top 6 contenders for the crowns are as follows: Vicki Marie Rushton, Maria Andrea Abesamis, Jehza Huelar, Michelle Gumabao, Eva Patalinghug and Catriona Gray. Trailing behind are Karen Gallman, Muriel Orais and Sandra Lemonon.  

Now, there can only be two beauties who will earn the rights to banner the sash of the Philippines in Miss International and Miss Universe. My top choices are Eva Psychee Patalinjug for Miss International 2018 and Catriona Gray for Miss Universe 2018. That means, that the other four of the Top six contenders which I have mentioned here can win any of the remaining four crowns. 

Why Eva for Miss International and Catriona for Miss Universe?

Eva has the serene beauty and delicate Asian features which the Japanese organizers of Miss International would love. Eva's personality and form is well-fitted for the Japan-based beauty derby. Kagandahang Flores, the beauty camp where she belongs is also an expert in transforming beauties into a Miss International crown contender. 

On the other hand, Catriona Gray deserves nothing but the Universe crown. It's Miss Universe or nothing! It will be a de-service for the country if she will be assigned to lesser known pageants. She has the massive potential to win the Philippines' fourth Miss Universe crown! Aside from the physical beauty and the global pageant experience, she has the wit, intellect and confidence to tackle the nerve-racking Q&A with excellence. Communication skills wouldn't be a problem for she can discuss anything under the sun with beauty and substance. Advocacy-wise, Catriona has it in the bag. Under IMG, being Miss Universe isn't just all about glamour and physical beauty. The winner should be able to walk the talk and has the X factor which the people can easily relate to and be inspired of. 

Above all the outstanding qualities that Catriona Gray has, she has an enormous herd of fans and avid supporters among the contenders and is well-loved by many. I am hoping that she won't be 'politicized' and that the spirit of fairness would reign supreme in the coronation finale. Otherwise, Stella Marquez Araneta will surely be bashed by the netizens if indeed politics will become so obvious in choosing the winners (Stella can ask Julia Morley of Miss World from the bashings that she got from the Filipinos). However, with Stella's age and experience, I doubt if she would do something terrible that could ultimately destroy her legacy from the Filipino pageant aficionados. The fans and supporters of Catriona are too rabid and dangerous to be played for. So I hope Madame Stella will be more objective, after all, Catriona is 'campless' and that means if she wins Miss Universe 2018, a bigger chunk of credit won't go anywhere else but to Stella as Catriona's national director. And needless to say, Catriona will be a huge asset to the Binibining Pilipinas Organization (hello sponsors!). 

Binibini 20 Catriona Gray is my ultimate pick for the Miss Universe Philippines 2018 crown. 

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