Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Philippines Wins Miss Multinational 2017-2018

Sophia Senoron, Miss Multinational 2017-2018

"Back home in my country, I am already a co-founder of a social organization called "Ang Pagbabagong Mithi". In rough English, it translates the idea of change.'

"Here I advocate for the rights of women and children, because in my country we have the saying that children are the future of the world. And Secondly, I believe that we women as you can see how spectacular... how much potential we have, we definitely deserve more than what you have, and when I go back home to my country, I wish that I will have the social capital to be able to extend my reach not only in the borders of the Philippines but in the entire world because I believe that is what makes us multinational. 
Thank you!"

Credit to the owner of the video. 

Never let a well-educated and accomplished Filipina hold the microphone in the international beauty pageant stage, otherwise, she will annihilate all her competitors with her wit and ultimately charm the judges with her eloquence in the final interview. 

And this is what exactly happened during last night's inaugural edition of Miss Multinational 2017-2018 in India.

The petite debater Sophia Senoron of the Philippines walked away with the crown and became the first ever titleholder of Miss Multinational. Trailing behind her for the title were Saskia Kuban of Germany (1st runner-up) and Shefali Sharma of India (2nd runner-up). 

Sophia's articulateness is quite reminiscent of Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco. Their brilliance and eloquence are fatal enough to topple the heavy favorites and steal the limelight in the competition. The judges couldn't help but give the crown to the contender with the most impressive answer to the dreaded Q and A. 

Again, Congratulations Sophia for bringing another beauty crown for the Philippines!


The year 2017 alone saw the crowning of several Filipinas in the Alpha and second to third-tier pageants. (1) Sarah Bona was proclaimed the inaugural winner of Miss Nature Intercontinental 2017, (2) Teresita Ssen Marquez was the first Asian to win the ReinaHispanoAmericana 2017, (3) Jannie Alipo-on became the fourth Filipina to win the Miss Tourism International pageant in Malaysia and the last but the least, Karen Ibasco was crowned the fourth Filipina Miss Earth. 

Mabuhay and ganda at talinong Filipino! (Long live the beauty and intelligence of the Filipinos!)

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