Saturday, February 3, 2018

Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco Sizzles in Vietnam

Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco
Photographed by Gideon Estella
Make up by Terence Buenaventura
Hair by Pau Garcia
Styled by John Sherwynn Chan
Accessories by Christopher Munar

After Karen Ibasco's Japan and Cambodian trip with her elemental queens, the 'most talked-about' pageant queen on Earth is now in Vietnam gracing the Tuyët Lê Fashion Boutique as the event's 'VIP' guest. 

And there's one thing which the pageant aficionados have noticed, the Scientist-turned-beauty queen is glowing and blooming - only the perennial haters and bitter gourd losers would blindly deny such positive aura from the reigning Miss Earth titleholder. She remains unfazed despite the hoard of bashers trolling every photo published, spewing their bitterness and wallowing in their disgusts which were born out of grave insecurities, jealousy and desperation. And this is where my admiration of Karen is rooted upon. Aside from her unquestionable intelligence and eloquence, she has the nerves of steel that could weather the storms of life and emerge victorious in the end. 

After her Vietnam trip, Karen will travel all the way to Mexico in South America to spearhead some environmental awareness campaigns as part of her duty as Miss Earth 2017. 

It will definitely be a busy whole-year reign for Karen. She is blessed, no doubt, and she is rising amidst the bashing. 

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