Saturday, November 10, 2012

Manhunt International 2012 World Final Photos

By: Edgar A. Petallo

The Parade of Nations. The manhunt delegates with their national costumes.

Best in National Costume - Second Runner-Up: Venezuela

Best in National Costume - First Runner-Up: Vietnam

Best in National Costume Winner: Hongkong

Best in National Costume Winners
Manhunt Models in Latin Dance Number

Special Awardees: L-R: Latvia (Best in Runway), Puerto Rico (Best Face), & Philippines (Mr.

L-R: Macau (Best Physique), Bahamas (Mr. Personality), India (Mr. Photogenic)

Top 15:

Singapore: Jason Chee
Colombia: Jorge Perez

Latvia: Ivans Jevstignejevs 

Greece: Thomas Gabriel

Philippines: June Macasaet

India: Arry Dabas

Macau: Martin Wang

Switzerland: Lavdrim Sylejmani 

USA: Andres Giraldo

Sweden: Peter Jonsson

Dominican Republic: Joel Perez

Venezuela: Jeyco Estaba

Puerto Rico: Jimmy Perez Rivera

Thailand: Mookkapon Posakabuth 

Denmark: Alexander Bach

Mr. Friendship: Denmark

Mr. Popularity (Internet Votes) Awardee: Singapore

Winners with the organizers: Singapore (Fourth Runner-Up), Macau (Second Runner-Up),Philippines (Grand Champion) Alex Liu (President of Manhunt International), Sweden (First Runner-Up), Puerto Rico (Third Runner-Up)

June Macasaet of Philippines is the newly appointed Manhunt International 2012


  1. hi! i will really be happy if you can help me find out what the song title is of the latin dance they danced. i really liked the song. thanks,

  2. I actually have their video while dancing..but I am not quite sure about the tittle of the song..Anyways, I am going to post the video here the soonest possible..:-) Thanks for dropping by..^^

  3. Song title: Cuando Calienta El Sol by Sebastien El Chato.

  4. hi edgar - apologies for this late reply. i only got to drop by to this page only now. thank you for the reply.

    hi bootiejunkie - thanks for providing for the lead but unfortunately, i wasn't able to find anything in the net for an mp3 file of this song not even a youtube video. do you have an mp3 copy of this song of a link to where i can have one? many thanks for your reply. if you have an mp3 copy, please send it to this email add:

    1. hI Bench:) Glad to hear from you:) Sure, if i would be able to find one, i'll email it directly to you. Have a nice day:)