Sunday, August 18, 2019

Gorgeous Miss Earth 2018 Phuong Khanh

I’ve been following the journey of the reigning Miss Earth 2018 Phuong Khanh from Vietnam since she was crowned last year and oh boy, she never fails to amaze the fans with her elegant styling. Fashion is always on point and her every appearance  in public is a fabulous spectacle. In fact, I have yet to see a not so pleasant photo of her within her reign as Miss Earth. I bet no one would argue that she is the most stylish among the 2018 Big 4 Queens apart from being well-travelled, spearheading the environmental awareness in a fashionable way in every country she has visited. 

I am glad that the Miss Earth Organization (MEO) has found a gem who has made quite an impact and without a doubt, elevated the pageant's brand. And here's hoping that come coronation finale this October, the Organization will continue in crowning the right woman who has the qualities to succeed what Phuong Khanh has started. 

The winner doesn’t have to be the most intelligent and eloquent in the question and answer round. We have already witnessed the intense world-wide bashing of a winner from not so long ago (whose unconventional beauty wasn't appreciated by many) despite blowing the whole arena with her wits and brilliance. And we don't want to repeat that, are we? Those moments of her reign was so agonising and painful for the fans, the organization and the winner herself. 

To conclude, the winner only needs to be this GORGEOUS like Phuong Khanh, classy and dedicated. A beautiful winner with a universal appeal is of utmost importance as the pageant's advocacy because more often than not, everyone listens to a BEAUTY queen who is adored and well-loved. And most importantly, sponsors will pour like rain when the winner is a STAR. 

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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Paweensuda Drouin is Miss Universe Thailand 2019

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You were not meant for the World and the Earth, because you are destined to conquer the Universe!

Miss Earth 2017 Top 8 finalist Paweensuda Drouin of Thailand has just been crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2019 in a glittering coronation finale held in Thunder Dome, Pak Kret, Thailand. 

Paweensuda was crowned by the reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray of the Philippines who also served as one of the judges. It is interesting to know that both are good friends and the two first met each other during the Miss Hannah 2017 (a sub-competition of Miss Earth) in which Catriona (the reigning Miss Hannah 2016 that time) was also the judge. Paweensuda won Miss Hannah 2017 and was predicted to win the Miss Earth 2017 title but only managed to reach the Top 8. Since then, their friendship blossomed and Paweensuda supported Catriona when the latter competed and won the Miss Universe 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand last year. 

Will Paweensuda have the same fate like Catriona Gray? 

Paweensuda and Catriona were both the ‘crowd favourites’ in their first foray in the global pageant scene. Paweensuda must have been inspired by her friend Catriona because just like her, Catriona also lost in her first international pageant. Catriona was the heavy favourite to win in Miss World 2016 but despite the sterling performance, she only settled in the Top 5. The dismal result and the alleged rigging by the owner had left a devastating damage to the Miss World Organisation with its credibility lost into oblivion. On the other hand, Paweensuda was also the predicted winner in another major pageant. Paweensuda was expected to win Thailand’s first Miss Earth crown in 2017 but her underwhelming response during the hashtag round of Miss Earth 2017 cost her the coveted crown. 

A stronger Paweensuda

Now Paweensuda came back stronger and determined more than ever. She joined again the Miss Universe Thailand edition and this time, she nailed it and claimed what’s rightfully meant for her. Just like Catriona, the valuable lessons that she learned in her previous pageant experience were utilised to her full advantage. What’s more interesting is that Paweensuda’s recent crowning felt like a déjà vu of Miss Hannah 2017 where she was also judged and at the same time crowned by Catriona Gray. 

The Universe is waiting

A few months from now, the most anticipated Miss Universe 2019 edition will commence where Paweensuda will compete together with the rest of the 90 plus beautiful contenders. Will we be witnessing another interesting scenario of Catriona Gray crowning her friend Paweensuda Drouin? The possibility of Paweensuda’s triumph in the Universe is not far-fetched considering the fact that she has all the qualities of the recent Miss Universe winners under the IMG era. Plus, it’s been 32 years since Thailand won the Miss Universe crown and with Paweensuda in the contention, the opportunity is very high. I just hope that Paweensude will be styled to the nines and trained to perfection in all aspects of the competition to ensure Thailand’s victory for their third Miss Universe crown. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Winners

As I have predicted, Gazini Ganados of Talisay, Cebu bagged the most coveted Miss Universe Philippines 2019 title. She reigns alongside with the newly crowned Binibining Pilipinas titleholders who will banner the sash of the Philippines later this year in the different international beauty derbies abroad. Here they are:

Patricia Magtanong of Bataan - Binibining Pilipinas-International 2019

Resham Saeed of Maguindanao - Binibining Pilipinas-Supranational 2019

Emma Tiglao of Pampanga - Binibining Pilipinas-Intercontinental 2019

Leren Bautista of Laguna - Binibining Pilipinas-Globe 2019

Samantha Lo - Binibining Pilipinas-Grand 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Binibining Pilipinas 2019: Who Will Win?

The grand coronation night of Binibining Pilipinas 2019  is fast approaching and pageant enthusiasts around the world are anticipating for the next set of Binibinis who will represent the Philippines in the international beauty stage. Unlike last year, there is no 'Catriona Gray' who is a clear front-runner to the ultimate crown. Although there are a handful of girls who are capable enough of continuing our winning streak in Miss Universe as well as in the Miss International pageants. Hence, it is safe to say that this year's competition is anybody's ballgame.

Please take note that although BPCI is awarding 6 crowns, I am only focusing on two of the four Alpha pageants - Miss Universe and Miss International. The other two Alphas (Miss Earth and Miss World) are not under the local franchises of BPCI and are handled by different organisations. 

Now, let's start with the Miss Universe Philippines crown. Presently, the Philippines has won the title for four times excluding the runners-up and the semi-final placements throughout it's 6 decade history. The recent is Catriona Gray who is also the reigning Miss Universe. It is also interesting to note that the Philippines has placed at least in the Top 10 of Miss Universe since 2010, 7 of which have penetrated the Top 5/6 and 2 of which have brought home the elusive crown. So it is safe to say, that the Philippines is now a powerhouse country in Miss Universe. 

At this stage, we are looking for the next representative who can continue the winning streak in the most prestigious beauty derby. As Miss Universe is currently owned by IMG since 2015, then we will look for the qualities of the Miss Universe winners since 2015. If you look at Pia Wurtzbach (2015), Iris Mittenaere (2016), Demi Peters (2017) and Catriona Gray (2018), they all have one thing in common - aside from the obvious physical beauty, they're all 'charismatic' and well-spoken. All of them have universally beautiful faces too that could sell a product and could secure a million dollar contracts from print and tv ads. In other words, they're all marketable and relatable apart from being a great spokesperson for the causes the Miss Universe brand represents. 

So among the 40 official candidates of this year's Binibining Pilipinas edition, I have seen five girls who can succeed Catriona Gray and is highly capable of continuing the Philippines' 10-year consecutive winning streak in Miss Universe. 

Patricia Magtanong of Bataan  - When I saw her photos online during the application donning a huge yellow ribbon-embellished top and jet-black straight hairdo, I thought we have a clear winner for the MUP. She was striking and her beauty stood out from the rest. But as the competition progresses, she seems to have lost the spark. Her pasarela and presentation skills on stage are lackluster and therefore easily overshadowed by the other fierce and experienced competitors. However, I still put her as one of the major contenders for the top crown, considering that BPCI has a penchant for some well-credentialed girls from UP. 

Hannah Arnold of Masbate - She has a degree in Applied Science in Forensic studies from the University of Canberra, Australia. It is such an impressive credential but as we all know it isn't enough to win the crown. I really want her to triumph but I am quite doubtful that she could snatch the top plum given the fierce contention this year in Binibining Pilipinas. She also bears the resemblance of former Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and this might be a disadvantage for her. Although I have to commend that she is hard-working and she has really prepared intensively for this pageant. I am sure that she'll place high and if she wins MUP, it wouldn't be a surprise. By the way, aside from MUP, she will also be a great representative for the Miss International pageant in Tokyo, Japan. I also placed her as an alternative for Miss Intercontinental. 

Samantha Lo of Cebu City - Honestly, I never noticed her at first, she was never my fave but eventually as the competition gets nearer, she is also blooming. The Hollywood glam look suits her well with her chiseled cheek and mestiza features. Sam is pretty articulate as well, so we wouldn't have to worry if she gets to the Q&A. Aside from Miss Universe, she'll also do well if she'll be sent to compete in Miss International. 

Maria Andrea Abesamis of Pasig - Although Aya is not that articulate and conversationally engaging, she has a very striking aura and moves flawlessly on stage. I could imagine her nailing the number one spot in the swimwear and evening gown segments of the competition, thus easily breezing through the Top 5 in Miss Universe. If we're only contended with a Top 5 placement after last year's victory, then Aya can be the best choice. 

Gazini Ganados of Talisay City - She ticked all the boxes needed to be the next Miss Universe Philippines. She possesses the kind of beauty which other nationalities can also appreciate and admire. In other words, her beauty is universal. She could easily sell a product with that alluring face and charisma. Plus, she can speak. Not as conversant and deep as Catriona Gray but just enough to catch people's attention. 

Now, let's move on to our next Alpha crown, which is the Miss International. The Philippines has won this Tokyo-based pageant for 6 times since its pageant inception in 1960. The latest titleholder we've got is Kylie Verzosa who won last 2016 and just last year our representative Ahtisa Manalo almost clinched the coveted crown by winning first runner-up. This is the only Alpha pageant that the Philippines has mastered the art of selecting the perfect delegate as evidenced by the country's multiple consecutive placements and 6 victories. And I bet, not long from now, we will witness once again another Filipina being crowned Miss International in Japan. 

So basically, Miss International is looking for a winner with doll-like features and lady-like persona. The 'mahinhin' mestiza-type of Filipinas fit to the pageant's mold like a glove. No wonder why the Philippines is excelling in this pageant. Aside from the fact that we are sending not just beautiful but intelligent delegates, our ladies are also well-trained in all aspects of the competition especially in the stage theatrics (pasarela, visual projections, styling), public speaking and Japanese etiquettes. That's why Filipinas are hard to ignore in this pageant and most of time, ended up victorious. 

I have seen three girls who can be our seventh Miss International. They are Vicky Rushton of Negros Occidental, Emma Tiglao of Pampanga and Samantha Lo of Cebu City. Among the three of them, I find Vicky to be the most eligible for the job followed by Emma by a hairline. Vicky has all the qualities needed to be successful in bringing home again the Mikimoto crown back to the Philippines and I am pretty sure that she will do the job with excellence. 

For the non-Alpha crowns, I can see Samantha Bernardo of Palawan and Jessarie Dumaguing of Puerto Princesa as the perfect delegates for Miss Globe and Nawat's pageant. Aya Abesamis can be an excellent rep as well for Miss Supranational if she won't be able to clinch the Miss Universe Philippines title while Hannah Arnold is a good follow up for a back-to-back victory in Miss Intercontinental. 

The Top 10 Finalists: 

Julia Saubier of Daraga Albay
Ilene De Vera of Mandaue City Cebu
Leren Mae Bautista of Laguna
Jean Nichole Guerrero of Ilocos Sur
April Short of Zambaonga
Resham Saeed of Maguindanao

The Top 20 Semi-finalists:

Martina Turner Diaz of Muntinlupa Sigrid Flores of Iloilo 
Jessica Marasigan of Malabon
Kimberle Penchon of La Union
Cassandra Chan of Bacolod City

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Top Favorites (Part 2)

As stated in my previous blogpost, here is the part 2 of this year's top favorites for the Binibining Pilipinas crowns. You may check here for the part 1 if you have missed it. 

This is not yet my final prediction and things may change as the competition progresses.

Hannah Arnold of Masbate - This Fil-Australian beauty who is a dead-ringer of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is a major favorite for the crown. She is statuesque and has what it takes to banner the Philippine sash abroad. Will a mixed beauty reign supreme again in the upcoming finals of Binibining Pilipinas? Let's wait and see. 

Samantha Lo of Cebu City - Aside from the obvious physical beauty, this Cebuana is pretty articulate as well. I can see her representing the Philippines in the global pageantry stage and make us all proud!

Emma Tiglao of Pampanga - She has massively improved since her first Binibini contention back in 2014. And boy, she returns this year with a bang! You can really see how serious she is in clinching a crown and win it all in the finals. 

Patricia Magtanong of Bataan - She must be grinning from ear to ear the moment she knew that she passed the recently-concluded BAR exam. This Cum Laude UP alumna who is now a licensed lawyer may be tapped by the judges to win the most coveted crown and this is not far-fetched if she polishes well her stage performance and up her game plan. 

Jessarie Dumaguing of Puerto Prinsesa - If this year's edition of Bininbing Pilipinas is looking for a sultry Pinay to represent the country, then Jessarie is the choice. A little more of polishing in the styling department, pasarela and Q&A will definitely make her a strong contender for the crown. 

Jean Nicole Guerrero of Ilocos Sur - She's another Pinay beauty to watch out for. Nicole is fierce and competitive enough to topple the netizens' favorites. Let's see if she can make a serious damage in our hot-picks. 

Julia Saubier of Daraga Albay - She is the 'threat' that could oust the front-runners off their winning moments and destroy everyone's hot-picks for the crown. Julia, who gradauted with Magna Cum Laude honors at New York University in Abu Dhabi is multi-talented and very conversant (Catriona-level communication skills) and if she'll be given the opportunity to speak in the coronation finale, she could easily snatch the thunder from the crowd favorites. Beware. 

Ilene de Vera of Mandaue City - This former Mutya Pilipinas winner can give the front-runners a run for their money. Just like the other Cebuanas in the competition, she can slay the question and answer portion as well with excellence.  Although I have to agree that she needs to be consistent with the styling which suits for her so as not to be overshadowed by the other contenders. 

Leren Mae Bautista of Laguna - This lady had already won an international beauty competition back in 2015 as Miss Tourism Queen of the Year and she's currently in the hunt to add another beauty title in her pageant credentials. But it seems that Binibining Pilipinas is an uphill battle for her to clinch a crown. 

Jessica Marasigan of Malabon - There is no question that she is beautiful but oftentimes her beauty just blends with the rest. Nonetheless, she has this quite confidence and given the right styling and luck, she'll certainly have a better chance of penetrating the winning circle. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Top Favorites (Part 1)

The search for the next Binibining Pilipinas is heating up and as the competition draws nearer we can just feel the eagerness of the girls to win the top plum of the country's most anticipated beauty derby. 

Among of the 40 official candidates this year, I have seen quite a handful of girls who can continue the winning streak of the pageant-crazy Philippines in the international beauty stage. This is just the first part of my blogpost, so watch out for the part 2 of the remaining favorites for Binibining Pilipinas 2019. 

*Photos courtesy of Bb Pilipinas

Gazini Ganados of Talisay - She's undeniably the netizens' favorite to win the top plum and personally, I like her too. Who wouldn't be? She's 'universally' gorgeous (plus she can 'talk' well!) and no wonder why other pageant fanatics from different nationalities are also rooting for this Cebuana girl. 

Maria Andrea 'Aya' Abesamis of Pasig - The daughter of a Miss Universe finalist is much fiercer and determined this year to win the crown and follow her mother's footsteps. And it really shows. So far, she has the best stage performance and her catwalk execution is just flawless! I hope she'll ace the interview. 

Samantha Bernardo of Palawan - After a second runner-up finish last year, this beauty from Palawan is dead-set to snatch a crown! And you can really feel her hunger and thirst to achieve it. She came prepared and I've got a strong feeling that she'll end up victorious. 

Resham Saeed of Maguindanao - Honestly, I wasn't really noticing her a lot until I saw this glam-shot photo. She looks like a Bollywood Superstar and she's killing it! This look is just perfection. And oh, that 23-inch waistline of her is to die for! Maintain this glow girl and you'll surely have a great shot for the crown. 

Vickie Rushton of Negros Occidental - Her Fist Runner-Up achievement last year has really helped her honed to perfection. I wouldn't be surprise if she gets one of the Alpha crowns of Binibining Pilipinas. The Negrense beauty has definitely the makings of an international beauty queen.